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We welcome all volunteers back from previous years for our 2017-2018 season.  A special welcome to all our new volunteers. Thank you for being part of Neighbor 2 Neighbor.

The volunteer entry door is on Eighth Street and that is the best place to park for quick entry. The combination will be reset prior to opening.  Be sure to ask a board member for the new combination.

We had the station tested for mold and have found we have a small mold problem due to the roof leak.  The mold spores in question are benign and relate to the dry rot that was occurring in the roof underlayment.  We have no black mold or other dangerous spores in the station.  However we want to eliminate the possibility of future issues so a contractor  will be treating the entire station with a special enzyme beginning 10/3.  This is NOT a fungicide but rather uses a natural occurring product to eliminate any residual molds.  It dissipates on its own and the station will be sfe to enter 24 hours after the treatment. 

After mold spore mitigation is complete we will beging installation of a new high resolution camera system as well as remodelling.  Follow remodelling progress on theblog.