Our Supporters

We are extremely grateful to all those who have supported the activities of Neighbor 2 Neighbor.  We are entirly dependent on donations, contributions and grants.  Without the help of our supporters we would not be able to help those in need.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

Hall of Fame Donors

Donors whose significant donations have enabled N2N to continue its operations

St. Anthony's Hospital

Thank You!

In 2016 St. Anthony donated the building in which N2N houses the Warming Station and Day Center.  Without this donation N2N would have had to close its doors since the City Council of Pendleton had voted not to let N2N continue operating the Warming Station/Day Center in the city-owned building we had been using.

Wildhorse Foundation

Thank You!

Wildhorse Foundation has supported N2N and the Warming Station with annual operational grants since we first opened. In 2017 Wildhorse Foundation provided a grant that funded half the cost of the new heat pump system.

Pendleton Foundation Trust

Thank You!

In 2017 Pendleton Foundation Trust provided a grant that completely funded a new roof for the N2N building, which houses the Pendleton Warming Station. The roof had been leaking badly and we probably would not have been able to open the Warming Station without this repair.

Sustaining Donors

Donors who have provided significant financial support over multiple seasons.


Thank You!

Walmart has provided multiple grants for the Pendleton Warming Station and has encouraged employees to volunteer. In addition, Walmart has sponsored employee food drives for the station.

Club 24

Thank You!

Club 24 has made numerous donations to support the Pendleton Warming Station. Since 2013 Club 24 has sponsored the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k run. Proceeds form this run benefit the Pendleton and Hermiston Warming Stations.

Columbia Bank

Thank You!

Columbia Bank of Pendleton has provided funding for Neighbor 2 Neighbor through their annual "Warm Hearts" Campaign.

Special Donors

Donors whose unique and special donations have enabled us to better serve homeless and disadvantaged people.

Big John's Pizza

Thank You!

Big John's has furnished pizza to the Warming Station once a week for the last two seasons!

Pendleton High School Career and Technical Education Program

Thank You!

The Pendleton High School Career and Technical Education Program has provided meals at the Warming Station once a week!

Walkers Furniture

Thank You!

During the 2017-2018 season Walker's Furniture provided a grant of $1850 for Neighbor 2 Neighbor to purchase food for homeless indviduals.

Sundown Bar and Grill

Thank You!

Chef Rob from Sundown has provided periodic dinners to the Pendleton Warming Station.

Our 2017 Donors

Below is a list of individuals and organizations who donated in calendar year 2017.

Gold Donors: $1000 and Over

  • Peace Lutheran Church
  • First Christian Church
  • Carol P Arnold
  • James and Karen Kulinat
  • Redeemer Epicopal Church

Silver Donors: From $101 to $999

  • Pendleton High School Association
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • David Betts
  • Dwight and Marilyn Johnson
  • Harold and Susan Geller
  • Pendleton Ministerial Association
  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • Psychological Services of Pendleton
  • United way
  • McKay Creek Estates
  • Debra and Charles Oliver
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Bill Miller
  • Pendleton Lions Club
  • Ellen Harman
  • Catholic Daughters of the Ame
  • Sarajane Guiterrez
  • Leslie Owen
  • Beau and Sara Reynolds
  • Pendleton Pioneer Chapel
  • Saddle Restaurant

Bronze Donors: Up To $100

  • RL and KL Feller
  • Nazario and Legaya Bernabe
  • Melissa Neacsu
  • Lorna Waltz
  • Jon Spilker
  • Jodi Mascall
  • Colleen Van Cleave
  • Blue Mountain Community College
  • Jan Peterson-Terjeson
  • Karl and Jeannie Jensen
  • Dennis and Debbie Davis
  • Don Tombelson
  • Jeannie Prowse
  • Jessie Walker
  • Shannon Orourke

Our 2016 Donors

Below is a list of individuals and organizations who donated in calendar year 2016.

Gold Donors: $1000 and Over

  • Peace Lutheran Church
  • Club 24
  • Columbia Bank
  • Carol Arnold
  • First Christian Church

Silver Donors: From $101 to $999

  • Harry and Susan Geller
  • First Church of God
  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • Delphian Club
  • Jon Spilker
  • Beau and Sara Reynolds
  • Gina Koskela
  • United Way
  • Dwight and Marilyn Johnson
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Shaindel Beers
  • William Quaempts

Bronze Donors: Up To $100

  • Roundup Republican Women
  • Alice Hepburn
  • Colleen VanCleave
  • N. C. Murtaugh
  • Roseann Tetrick
  • Jeff and Colleen Blackwood
  • Laura James
  • Marc and Wendy Mullins
  • Virginia Jones
  • Bill and Kathy Aney
  • Safeway
  • Don Tombelson