The Outlook

As of March 26, 2017

Spring has arrived and lows are predicted to be consistently above freezing.  The Warming Station was open continuously from December 6 until March 18.  Our volunteers are exhauseted.  Therefore the board voted to close the Warming Station for the remainder of the season.  We thank all who joined together to keep the station open over one of the harshest winters we have seen in a while.  

The Day Center will reman closed for now.  We are hoping top get a shower installed this spring or early summer.  Stay tuned for details.
We continue to operate Veda's Breakfast every Sunday and should be able to continue through the spring and beyond.

Check our blog for progress reports on the Warming Station remodel.   

Keep checking the website for updates or monitor our facebook page.
If you have questions please contact us by email.
  • inside warming sation
  • inside warming sation
  • inside warming sation