The Outlook

As of January 30, 2019

 Based on the weather forecasts, the Warning Station will likely be open for the next two weeks.  Lows for the next ten days are predicted to be in the low 30's to mid 20's. 

Opening guidelines are similar to past years, i.e., when the over-night low is predicted to be 32 degrees F. or lower, or when the risk of hypothermia is elevated.

Veda's Breakfast remains closed while we look for a new host location.  We are just about out of options as we have not been able to locate a facility willing to host the breakfast.  We have determined that we can use the N2N building for Veda's Breakfast but we will need to remove the post that divides the dining area.   We will be looking at this next week.

Keep checking the website for updates or monitor our Facebook page.
If you have questions please contact us by email.

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  • inside warming sation
  • inside warming sation