The Outlook

As of February 19, 2017

Weather has moderated and settled into a late winter pattern.  Temperatures are predicted to be above freezing during the day but below freezing for most of the nights, with the exception of two nights.  As of this morning, we plan to keep the Warming Station open for the forecast period.  However, it is possible we may close for an evening or two if temperatures continue to rise. 

We have been open continuously since December 6 and our volunteer pool is beginning to get worn out.  We have been operating with limited numbers of volunteers this year and many individuals have put in a huge number of hours.  We can still use more volunteers!  

It will not be cold enough to open the Day Center.

The Warming Station has been consistently filled to near capacity.  Guests using the station should arrive as close to intake as possible to have the best option of getting a bed.  Beds occupied the previous evening will only be held until 8 PM. 

Check our blog for progress reports on the Warming Station remodel.   

We must have volunteers to be able to keep the Warming Station open!  We are still having trouble filling shifts and many of our volunteers are getting worn down.  Please consider joining with us to help those without homes have a place to stay this winter.  If you have not volunteered before please consider doing so.  For more information visit our Volunteer page or give us a call.

Veda's Breakfast will continue uninterrupted through the winter and remains in its current location at the First United Methodist Church.

Keep checking the website for updates or monitor our facebook page.
If you have questions please contact us by email.
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